April 16, 2015


As a local beauty and fashion blogger, I love to go to spas. However, I must be honest and say Le Tsar Spa, unfortunately is a big let down. After having filed bankruptcy and "trying" to resuscitate their services, this attempt comes close to none. Like, the other numerous negative reviews found online for Le Tsar Spa, it is evident that this spa is not professional. They are notorious for cancelling on their clients last minute, which has happened to me twice. They also do not value customer service, last of all the washroom facilities are NOT clean. If you want tips on a good spa to visit in Montreal, tweet me and I will give you the full details! 

Therefore, here is awareness that this spa should not be visited. These are negative comments, I have compiled online when you google Le Tsar Spa. The english translation is at the bottom of each comment in bold.

1) Attention! Ne vous laissez pas avoir par l'offre promotionnelle très alléchante de cette entreprise. 2 fois sur 3 les rendez-vous sont annulés à la dernière minute ou alors il n'y a personne au spa pour vous recevoir. De plus, la fameuse promotion est bien entendu non remboursable. Arnaque, très frustrant.

Translation: 2 on 3 times your appointment will be cancelled last minute or there is no one there to receive you.

2) Un point négatif par contre, lors d'une consultation l'an dernier on m'avait reçu 30 minutes en retard et à mon premier rendez-vous en juin, c'était 20 minutes en retard et le rendez-vous avait été vraiment très expéditif puisque la cliente après moi était déjà arrivée, j'ai senti que l'esthéticienne allait beaucoup trop vite.

Translation: For my consultation, they received me 30 minutes late and my first appointment was 20 mins late. During my appointment, the esthetician was rushing.

3) Malheureusement, mauvaise expérience. Pas le massage en tant que tel qui était assez bien mais la prise de rendez-vous, la réception, l'endroit ne m'ont pas plu.

Translation: Customer service was poor, the reception was unprofessional.

4) Pour prendre rendez-vous, il faut laisser un message sur la boîte vocale (qui est parfois pleine) et on attend leur retour d'appel. J'ai parfois attendu longtemps avant d'avoir un retour d'appel et c'est arrivé 3 fois qu'ils n'ont jamais rappelé. À éviter pour les gens pressés et qui ont peu de temps, donc. Un moyen qui est assez inefficace.

Finalement, je n'y retournerai pas. Même si j'ai encore droit à 3 traitements avec le bon d'achat que je m'étais procurée.

J'aurais dû venir lire les critiques avant!

Translation: To make an appointment, you have to leave a voice mail on a mailbox that is "already full". They never returned my calls after 3 attempts. Even if I have 3 visits left with my promotion, I won't be going back! I should have payed attention to the bad reviews, they have received.

Better luck, going to another spa, stay stress-free fashionistas!

April 9, 2015

Zoë Mowat

I checked out the "W Happenings" event last month featuring object designer, Zoë Mowat. It was pretty cool, the W Hotel in Montreal host this occasional happening in which they feature upcoming young talent. During this interesting conference, Zoë describes her masterpieces to be based on "honest materials". The Edmonton native discussed the constant iterations that her projects go through and her sources of inspiration. Through her trial and error process, she always ends up with cutting-edge contemporary pieces that attract the likes of companies such as Umbra, who has mentioned her as an artist to look out for! My favorite piece from the Zoë Mowat collection has to be the gorgeous Arbor Jewelry Stand. Don't you love it?

Arbor Jewelry Stand 

Zoë Mowat

Cache Cabinet

Photos Courtesy of: W Montreal

April 8, 2015

Happy Anniversary Arbonne!

Arbonne has recently celebrated their 35th anniversary, in celebration of this huge milestone, they have launched 3 limited edition products which I had to try! Lately, I've been all about renewal, hence preserving a refreshed look...this is where Arbonne's limited edition products come into play. 

RE9 Advanced® Intense Hydration Overnight Mask: This product has worked wonders for me, right before a night's rest, I use this hydrating formula and find myself waking up to soft ad smooth skin.

RE9 Advanced® Instant Wrinkle Filler: I have been using the instant wrinkle filler to diminish the appearance of fine lines. This special formula helps support natural collagen to achieve long-term results. 

Arbonne Cosmetics For the Sun of It Illuminating Bronzer & Kabuki Brush Set: This bronzing powder does a lot more than just add colour to skin. It combines Arbonne’s age-defying botanicals with the science of Optilight Technology to deliver a universal bronzer that seamlessly blends into the skin while sealing in moisture.